Attraction – yes, please!

If you’ve been reading about “The New Law of Gravitation” you know that we in all seriousness claim to have discovered a universal formula for communication. A formula that helps you create coherence in your communication, just like Newton’s law of gravitation created coherence in our understanding of the universe. The New Law of Gravitation is a systematic review, assessment and adjustment of your communication. We actually believe that the formula’s benefits aren’t limited to the gap between companies and clients alone. It also applies to people – in relationships, friendships and families.


It all began with Newton

Newton’s law of gravitation states that all particles with mass have gravity. The force of this gravity depends on the weight (or the density) of the mass. If you’ve got enough mass, you get to be the sun in that solar system which everything orbits around. And that’s not bad for a company or a brand. But how does it work with a message? How can a message have gravity and attraction when we’re not able to measure it in kilos? And what about a company, a product or a brand? We’ve tried setting it up in a model inspired by Newton’s law of gravitation. We’ve put communication into a formula and created the Communicative Law of Gravitation. This law – just like Newton’s – is about gravity, distance and force.


The weight of your message

In order to work with mass as a concept of communication, we’ve created a model that we’ve named The Center of Gravity. The American military has its own definition of the Center of Gravity:



We like this definition! We use our Center of Gravity model to describe the core of a company, product or brand, but the model also works well to describe what happens between people.






Find your purpose

The core of the model contains the most essential questions:

  • Why are you here?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What would the world be missing if you weren’t here?
  • What are you passionate about – as a person and as a company?


Don’t confuse these questions with financial goals or ambitions. We’re deep into the core here – right in there with “I believe that…”.  We’re talking about your raison d’etre – your purpose. And that’s crucial. Because in a world where everything can be copied, and there are features and functions galore, people are attracted to what you believe. It’s about attracting and connecting – with the right people, of course.


In order to allow your purpose to be appealing and worth following to the people you want following you, you need to address some basic emotions. Emotions control our behavior, you see – as humans, as clients (or audiences) and as decision makers in companies. And yes, this also goes for B-to-B communication. Or maybe especially for B2B communication. Brain 2 Brain or as we prefer to say it. P2P – Purpose 2 People. Emotions rule!  Agree?

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