Are you breaking the law?

If you break the law of gravitation by trying to fly, walk on water or jump 20 meters from one cliff to another, you will be punished. Severely! The same goes for trying to break the Communicative Law of Gravitation.

Gravity keeps everything in order. It makes planets, the sun and other celestial bodies stay in orbit around each other; and it helps all of us – or at least most of us – plant our feet firmly on the ground.

Sir Isaac Newton described gravitation in one universal formula – the law of gravitation. His law doesn’t contain sub-sections, but the consequences of not respecting it will hit you instantly. If you think you can fly, walk on water or jump 20 meters from one cliff to another, then the punishment will be tough.

So is the punishment if you don’t respect The Communicative Law of Gravity. You might not feel the consequences straight away, but each time you break the law, the distance to your audience will grow. Now, that’s a serious punishment!




The Communicative Law of Gravitation has three sub-sections. By knowing them you don’t just avoid breaking the law and being punished – you also get to take full advantage of the law and strengthen the attraction to your brand and company.


§1. Optimize your gravity

Real gravity is made from your Center of Gravity, which consists of the following three elements:

  1. Know your purpose.

What are you passionate about? What would the world be missing if you weren’t here?

  1. Define your strengths.

What are your:

  • Competences
  • Assets
  • Values
  • Principles
  1. Prioritize and use the universal amplifiers.

How are you being:

  • Brave
  • Honest
  • Relevant
  • Value creating
  • Engaging
  • Quick
  • Proud


Read more about gravity and center of gravity in: Attraction – yes, please!


§2. Minimize the distance between you and your audience.

Respect your audience. Have faith in them; believe that they are smart and that they’ll understand your message without receiving it through cheesy lines and corny jokes. If you are passionate about something and approach your audience where they stand, they will listen. The distance is measured by 2 factors

  1. The extend of resonance.

Make sure that you are on the same page as your audience and stay there.

  1. The Strength and extend of the relations.

Make sure every interaction and transaction leads to the next one.


§3 Maximize the force in your communication variables.

Play your cards right. Think effect into everything you do, but think long term. Choose your messages and channels carefully considering your Center of Gravity and the distance to your audience. Make the best out of your communication – every time!

  1. Choose the right strategy

Find the ideal mix of monologue, dialogue, togetherness andcommunity activities. Decide if you are a giver or a taker.

  1. Mobilize as many resources as possible

Remember that resources include both costs and manpower and the will to succeed. Decide how much you want it – and keep pushing

  1. Be relevant

Be creative and angle your message so that it is relevant to your audience and the contexts that they are in.


In contrast to Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravitation, The Communicative Law of Gravitation is open to interpretation. Which sub-sections are the easiest for you and your company to live by? And where are your biggest challenges?

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  1. Celeste Harris skriver...

    Very informative and interesting post to read here about the “breaking law”. when I started to read this topic I was just thinking in what sense you have written the word breaking law but thet was quite funny when I read about those laws.

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