Growth follows the knife when the roots are strong

Sometimes, something must die for something else to live. Or as gardeners say in a less morbid way: Growth follows the knife.

As plants so companies. In a world in upheaval and a society constantly changing the expression Business as Usual has turned into a cliché – just as worn out as a withered perennial in your front garden. Nothing is as it was. Not for companies either.

Prune and replant

And just as the perennial needs pruning – and maybe even replanting – to flourish and grow, companies sometimes have to take out the knife to trim the organization in accordance with reality. Metaphorically speaking, of course. It may even be necessary to replant and stick the roots into new and more fertile soil.

That’s exactly what we did! When we uprooted Masters, the advertising agency, and planted Gravity, the house of concept and communication, 18 months ago, we began to prune the organization and adapt it to reality and to our customers’ demands. To that which we believe will make us flourish and grow again.

Don’t get me wrong: This is not about our extremely competent ADs, graphic designers, and other fine colleagues having withered away. Far from it. It has always been my privilege to be able to attract and work with some of the absolute best in the industry. But, the demand for traditional services from a traditional advertising agency is constantly decreasing, and neither we nor they could make a living out of this in the long run. The concept of a full service advertising agency had withered ­– strangled by a reality where people don’t listen to commercials but to each other and where messages – from companies, too – must possess gravity and credibility to succeed. Most likely we did our own bit to tighten the grip and facilitate the strangling by focusing increasingly on the budding new ideas and concepts. As you know, the grass is greenest where you water it.

Back to our roots

During this process, some of our fine colleagues have chosen new roads based on the same realization. Luckily, it looks as if everybody has moved on and rooted elsewhere.

At Gravity we have now cut all the way to the trunk. A trunk with strong roots planted in decades of life and business experience in strategic consulting, concept development and communication – and quite a lot more. Now, we will cultivate and refine what is close to our hearts: To assist companies and managers in finding their Center of Gravity and implementing it in everything, they say and do. To assist them in finding their roots and ensure future development and growth. To assist them in finding a meaningful purpose.

And we can do that without consideration and ulterior motives. We can grow and act freely without thinking that our consulting must be accompanied by orders, printed matters, websites and more to keep a large production organization going in the back office. That’s not what we will live off. That’s not what we want to live off. That freedom provides the ground for the honest and direct consulting that is close to our hearts.




We don’t even know what will grow out from our own trunk. We did not know either 18 months ago, when we planted Gravity. But, the presentation titled Heavy is good – how to maximize your Gravity about The Communicative Law of Gravitation has been well received, and the book covering the same subject is coming. So are the projects that we have adapted our company to. Companies asking for help to define their point of departure for development and further growth. Their common ground. Their Center of Gravity.

Through the process of rooting Gravity in the new reality, we have defined our purpose – the central element in our own Center of Gravity – this way:

We believe that communication moves mountains,
companies and people when it is meaningful.
Using the methods and processes of The Communicative Law of Gravitation we assist managers
and companies 
in finding the Center of Gravity of their organization and release its full potential.
This often leads to transformation and pursuit of new goals.

We have ourselves experienced the implications of the last sentence about transformation – and to a greater extent than we imagined 18 months ago. But it is meaningful. The last advertising people have moved on, and the transformation is complete.

Pruning is necessary now and then. Both in the garden and in the company. Necessary – and a bit frightening. For who knows whether there is enough nourishment in the soil to sustain new growth. Who knows whether there is a market for the new ideas and services and everything bears fruit. Who knows …? We don’t with any confidence. But we believe in it. And we are delighted.

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