Light my fire!

How is it in your company? Do you have a burning platform or a burning ambition? As a leader you may be thinking: I don’t care what’s burning as long as we get results. And there is no doubt that you can create results on a burning platform. In the short term! But, it does not create an attractive company in the long run. If you are a leader – and not just a manager – then you also care about how to attract customers, partners, employees, and investors down the stretch.

Skills are common – ambitions are unique

Many people have the same skills. The same as others and the same as you. And many companies produce and sell the exact same products and services. But, only few of them are doing it for the exact same reason. With the exact same ambition. Your burning ambition makes you different, interesting, worth their time, worth doing business with. That has never been – and will never be – your burning platform. You will have to put out that fire yourself.


Fire flames on black background


Find your purpose

At Gravity, we believe that meaningful communication moves mountains. That’s why we are spending time and using our communicative experience to help companies find their purpose – and to be meaningful to their customers and their surroundings. That’s common sense – because it is good business. And that’s exactly what a strong Center of Gravity yields. Meaning, direction and business. Knowing your purpose, your burning ambition, and knowing within yourself where and how to make a difference, will make you attractive. And then, you can make an impact.

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