Purpose 2 People!

In a world where everything can be copied, and there are features and functions galore, people are attracted to what you believe. It’s about attraction and connection – with the right people, of course.


In order to allow your purpose to be appealing and worth following to the people you want following you, you need to address some basic emotions. Emotions control our behavior, you see – as humans, as clients (or audiences) and as decision makers in companies. Purpose is the central element of the Center of Gravity




What’s the purpose of LEGO?

LEGO knows its purpose. In the past 10 years, LEGO has put a lot of energy into first surviving and then reaching in to define the company’s core – LEGO’s purpose. The purpose of LEGO has been shaped through the decades, and a lot of the credit for this goes to the former CEO, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and his belief in what LEGO really is. Here’s my interpretation: LEGO believes that they’re helping people grow and thereby making the world a better place where people learn and experience through systematic, creative play. That’s powerful! LEGO’s purpose appeals to several basic drives like learning, growing and making a contribution to the world. In my view, that has been LEGO’s center of gravity since Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen took over the steering wheel in 1978. In 2003 Jørgen Vig Knudstorp stepped in, and used that purpose in the impressive turn-around that has made the company the success that it is today. The success is also due to LEGO’s handle on the next ring in the Center of Gravity-model. We’re talking about the forces!


Know your strengths – and become famous for them

What is it that makes you you, and your company something special? Which special forces allow you to pursue your purpose? What is it that can’t be removed from you without fundamentally changing you, your company or your brand? We divide the forces into four groups:

  • Competences
  • Principles
  • Values
  • Assets


This is where LEGO’s emphasis on quality comes in – described beautifully in their motto: “Only the best is good enough”, which was developed by the founder of the company, carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen. LEGO has a strong purpose and well-defined forces and with these in hand, the new vision was formulated: “Inventing the future of play”. Finding your forces is a demanding process. It’s really important that you get to the core of things. That’s why we only allow a total maximum of 9 forces. You may think: “That’s impossible! Our values alone add up to five or six.” … But do you remember those? The values? Are they a central part of your daily lives? Or do they look like all other companies’ values? If that’s the case then it’s time to cut down on your values – big time.


Amplify the inner you

Far too many companies’ values express how they wish to be, and how they want to communicate. On top of that, way too many companies’ values are the same! That’s why our Center of Gravity-model has Communication Amplifiers in the outer layer. This layer includes some of the concepts that are seen in many companies’ values. We consider them to be truisms – conditions for good communication. Just like the forces, the Communication Amplifiers are individual. They’re the silver lining or the filter for your communication – for the way you announce yourself to the surrounding world and your audience. They must shine through in every thing you say and do. The Communication Amplifiers – and your use of them – are part of making you who you are.


I know that some of these amplifiers are harder to live by than others. But in the connected and transparent world of today, there’s no other way. If you don’t respect your amplifiers you will not be attractive. End of story


Your Center of Gravity is your strength

A strong and well-defined Center of Gravity creates weight and balance. It allows you to attract the right people – clients as well as suppliers and employees. It’s not your strategy or your vision. It’s the source of energy that all parts of your company and your work derive from – and where your strength is found. It’s the center of your solar system. Do you have your Center of Gravity covered?


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