Trustpilot – (F)lying high …

There are those who make a mistake and shoot themselves in the foot. This is stupid!
And then there are those who do something so excessively idiotic as to shoot both feet off themselves. The review page Trustpilot now officially belongs to the latter category.

In fact, it is an understatement. Trustpilot has not just shot off their feet. The review page has bombed-out the very basis of its own business and left its brand powdered in the ruins.

The fact that business, from shops to tourist attractions, from time to time are exposed having ordered and paid for positive reviews on Trustpilot, is one thing. You can hardly blame that load on the reviewer page. BUT … as Danish newspaper Politiken reported earlier this week Trustpilot has developed an app that actually helps their enterprise customers to distort the truth and hide parts of it.

Bad reviews are sorted away automatically

The companies that are customers of Trustpilot can transfer notifications from the review page to their own Facebook and website. But that’s not all. With ‘Trust”pilot’s app they can even sort the bad reviews away in the process. Fully automatically. In the article it is stated, among other things:

Many companies manipulate their user reviews on the Danish score site Trustpilot. This happens when they transfer their results from Trustpilot to their Facebook page or to their own website.
And Trustpilot helps them with this, because Trustpilot has developed an app for paying corporate accounts, which can do the trick … as default the app from Trustpilot is set up only to include reviews with four and five stars. But the buyer of the app can also set it up to show the true picture of the company’s score on Trustpilot. However, we did not manage to find a company that does it.

You can read the full article here (only in Danish)


The higher you fly …

It is bad enough that the app even exists.

It hurts worse that companies fall into the temptation to make use of it, which they do in great style, according to the investigations of Politiken.

It is quite grotesque that it is Trustpilot themselves, who has developed the app and urges their customers to use it.

But the reason all chains jump completely off , is that the app goes against everything Trustpilot, by name, signals that they stand for. And even against everything they claim is the reason why they exist.

Only a little over two months ago took to the skies to position themselves as guardians of moral and consumer trust.. On July 16 Politiken published another article about the reviewer page with the heading:

Trustpilot: New rules can hopefully trap the creative cheaters

In this article the director of, Peter Holten Mühlmann attempts to draw a picture of a company that meets its name. In the article it is stated for example:

After the summer holidays the Danish Consumer Ombudsman (Forbrugerombudsmanden) will launch a series of guidelines for reviews on the internet. This is a super good idea.
These are the words from Denmark’s largest review site,, who is looking forward to be able to beat ‘industry black sheep’ even harder.
“The rules will hopefully make it even clearer, that it is a bad habit to create fake reviews or to pay users to write something positive,” Peter Holten Mühlmann, director of states.

You can read the full article here (only in Danish)

The higher you fly, the harder you fall, and Trustpilot has fallen. Hard.The company has not only made a mistake – it has compromised the very basis of its own business.

Trustpilot has become the worst, a company can become: Its own contradiction. Saying one thing and doing another. Unfaithful to its own name and brand.

Profit isn’t everything, and it should never be the purpose

When you ask a director, what is the purpose of the company, you will often get the spontaneous answer: Profit.

Trustpilot has just delivered the definitive evidence, that it never can or should be the main purpose to exist. Neither as a human or as a company. Money is nice to have. They are even necessary. But if profits are the very purpose, it is a hollow existence, which customers and the rest of the world will eventually see through and turn its back on, before or later.

Let us hope that this is precisely, what the world does with Trustpilot. Sooner, rather than later.

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