Wonder WHY?

Regardless of your beliefs about the origins of mankind, one thing seems indisputable: We’re wired for connectivity. We seek togetherness and community. We mate and relate, which is why we strive to be attractive. We want to attract – and are attracted to – people who will enrich our life and make it better and happier. The same goes for businesses, actually. They too aim to be attractive. If not to mate, then to relate to their consumers and customers. Because people aren’t just attracted to other people; they’re also attracted to brands, beliefs and other things.


When attraction is strong we might even launch into orbit around those people and things; just as others might orbit around us. We form our own human solar systems. Connectivity brings us together, and gravity keeps us in place. It all happens through communication. Verbal or nonverbal, it’s always there. You cannot not communicate! But some people and businesses communicate more forcefully and effectively than others. The exact same message can appear to be completely different depending on who sends it. And on who receives it. Now why is that?


We’ve been wondering about this for years. Just as Newton once wondered why apples and other objects are attracted to earth and what keeps the solar system in place, we’ve been wondering why some people and some brands are better than others at attracting and keeping an audience. Newton discovered the Universal Law of Gravitation, which explained the order of the universe. We discovered the Communicative Law of Gravitation, which explains attraction between people, brands and businesses.


Your place in that human solar system – as a person, brand or business – depends on how attractive you are. And that attraction originates from your Center of Gravity. If you’re plugged into that, then you’re definitely wired for connectivity. Your Center of Gravity consists of your Purpose – your basic reason for being who you are and for doing what you do. It also consists of your Forces and your Amplifiers. These are the things that attract others to you and set the direction for everything you do. This is what constitutes the center of your own solar system around which everything else orbits.


So before creating a strategy – whether it’s for yourself or for your business – you need to define your Center of Gravity. You then start exploring and mapping the other factors in the Communicative Law of Gravitation. You consider your communication resources, your audience and your relations and distance to them. Does this sound like a formula for communication? Well, that’s because it is. And it’s even more than that! It’s a framework for creating and communicating the future of your business, your brand, your employees – and even you. Start exploring yours at blog.centerofgravity.dk and get in touch. We’d love to explain.

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